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hear camb

Heart chambers

The heart has four hollow chambers: the left and right ventricle and the left and right atrium. Each chamber has a different function. The right atrium receives oxygen-depleted blood and empties it into the right ventricle. This blood then flows to the lungs for gas exchange. Oxygenated blood from the lungs enters the left atrium,…
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paired muscle

Paired muscle actions

Movement of the skeleton often involves pairs of muscles that perform opposing actions, like flexing and extending or bending and straightening. Muscles involved in these paired actions are categorized as agonists and antagonists. A muscle that contracts to generate the main force of an action is called the prime mover, or the agonist, for that…
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Skeletal Muscle Function

Skeletal muscle contractions

The muscular, nervous, and skeletal systems interact to produce movement. Messages travel through the nervous system to the skeletal muscles that attach to bones throughout the body. The fibrous appearance of skeletal muscles is created by the arrangement of proteins inside the cells that form muscle tissue. Motor neurons of the nervous system connect with…
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